Who are we? 
  NORTH MONTEREY COUNTY YOUTH SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION is a non-profit, 100% volunteer recreational league, which is committed to the best interests of the young ladies of North Monterey County. We are an ASA sanctioned organization. ASA league rules are in place. All of our coaches and umpires are registered and certified with ASA.

The main purpose of NMCYSA is to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere while instructing 
the players in the fundamentals of Fast Pitch Softball.


Teams are being formed and you will be contacted by your coach this week.

Season: Weeks of April 1 - May 25, 2024
Where are we?
   NMCYSA is located in Prunedale California, our Home field is in Manzanita Youth Sports Complex at 17100 Castroville Blvd. Manzanita Park is a Youth park donated to Monterey County solely for use by Youth sports organizations and governed by North County Youth Recreation Association. The park is home to North County Little League, North County AYSO and a nationally recognized BMX track as well as NMCYSA fast pitch softball. Also operating at Manzanita Park is the Batters Box batting cages. Manzanita Park also hosts 500-acres of picturesque hiking, jogging and equestrian trails that wind around the park.
Our Mission Statement!
NMCYSA is an educational organization committed to promoting athletics, education and community building through softball for girls, Kindergarten through High School, giving girls regardless of race, color, creed or athletic ability the freedom to play the game of fast pitch softball. The emphasis is on playing the game and having fun. This program focuses on Citizenship -Sportsmanship - Friendship & Family values to strengthen the moral character of children, families and the communities in which they live. Team sports instill in them the attributes that will make them better citizens. We the North Monterey County Youth Softball Association strive to provide opportunities for personal growth and development of youth athletes while also reinforcing self-confidence, self-esteem and the ability to excel on and off the field. Insuring a respectful & ethical commitment that views all levels of athletic ability as valuable.
Board Meeting
Board meetings are held once a month (6pm during off season, 7pm during the season) in the Manzanita Boardroom located near the baseball's snack shack. Any changes to date and time will be updated here. Coaches, parents, spectators and public are welcome.
Next Board Meeting: TBD