Player Information
Player Equipment
  1. The league provides each player a jersey and socks for the season.
  2. The league provides each team with team bats, balls, and catching gear.
  3. Player is responsible for providing their own helmet, cleats (8U and older), glove, face mask, bat, and pants.
Player Registration Policies

North Monterey County Youth Softball applies the following policies to player registration:

1.   Age Divisions.

(players’ age is determined by age on January 1st)

      T-Ball:  Ages 4-6

      8 & Under (8U):  Ages 7-8

      10 & Under (10U):  Ages 9-10

      12 & Under (12U):  Ages 11-12

      14 & Under (14U) Ages 13-14
2.  Team Assignment Requests.

North Monterey County Youth Softball Association (NMCYSA) fields balance teams in the 8U – 14U age divisions. In order to ensure fair and balanced teams, all players in these divisions are placed on teams based on coach selection during the player draft. Requests to play on the same team as another girl or coach are not considered during the draft. In the T-Ball age division, team assignments are not made from a player draft. It is NMCYSA’s intent to create teams that mix player age and prior playing experience to provide the most well-rounded team for players. Requests for player assignment may be made, but any give request may not be fulfilled. NMCYSA recommends that nay request made be done from necessity (i.e. carpooling, intended practice schedules) rather than a desire to play with any specific girl or coach. In all age groups, siblings will be places on the same team unless otherwise requested by parent. This is the one exception that affects the player draft
3.  Age Group Requests.

NMCYSA requires that all girls play in their respective age division. If a particular age division is in need of more players, and the next age division down has an excess of players, then some players may be offered the opportunity to play-up one age division. This only applies to players that would be in the next age division the following season. For example, a 10-year old might be asked to play-up in the 13U division, but not a 9-year old.  
4.  Waiting List

 In the event that there are not enough players to field a team when registration closes, NMCYSA may institute a waiting list. The division director will identify the last players registered in the affected age group  to be placed on the waiting list and will notify them at the skills evaluation. Should there not be enough players added through late registration, those players on the waiting list who are not assigned a team will receive a full refund.
5.  Late Registration

Once registration closes, generally the day after skills evaluation, any subsequent registration requests are conditional. Typically, the league needs additional players to complete rosters on or after skill evaluations and we will most likely be able to include all players who attempt to register before the draft. Once the draft is held, it is unlikely that any subsequent registration requests can be honored.
6.  Refunds

NMCYSA will provide a full refund of the entire registration fee for any player added to a waiting list who is not placed on a team. NMCYSA will provide refunds for late registrants or girls who decide not to play prior to team assignment. All refunds for late registrants or girls who decide not to play will exclude any costs incurred by the league.

Once player is assigned to a team, refunds are not provided.